Reol® Tablets


Reol® Tablets

Reol is an innovative patent containing in its composition reolin iron Fe. All components in the preparation are certified GRAS



Reol ®

Reol elemental iron, effectively prevents iron deficiency & anemia


Reol ® contains Reolin elemental iron , which :

  • has a high iron content exceeding 98%
  • has very high level bioavailability
  • has a safety certificate of GRAS (Generally recognized as safe )

Reol ® tablet is intended for Adults

  • does not cause stomach ache , vomiting diarrhea and constipation
  • does not distrub the intestinal microflora
  • no metallic aftertaste

Active ingredients :

  • Each tablet contains 18mg Reolin
  • Elemental iron

Recommended dosage :

  • take 1 tablet daily


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